A raw and openhearted drama/comedy about a man named Henry left to care for his infant son when his wife is imprisoned for cheating on him with a minor, THE HUSBAND takes an uncompromisingly honest look at a character rendered utterly humiliated by the person he loves. As Henry struggles to continue on with the day-to-day responsibilities of changing diapers and making it into the office, he attempts to remedy his grief with erratic and self-destructive distractions until he hits the inevitable bottom and must face what his life has become.

THE HUSBAND looks at growing up through a distinctly contemporary lens as it examines coming of age not through the story of a teenager or even a young man in his twenties, but through the story of a thirty-something married man with a job in advertising and a 16-month old son.

Positioned on the threshold of Generation X and the Millenials, Henry exhibits the characteristic disenchantment and narcissism of a generation raised to feel entitled to happiness and self-actualization often at the cost of anything permanent.